• Cohost Analytics

    Fast and organized visualization of the data you need most. Cohost Analytics is a machine learning analytics platform that provides our customers valuable near real-time information in the Real Estate and Short-Term Rental markets.

Introducing Cohost Analytics 2.0

Upgraded analytics with key performance indicators such as capitalization rates, booked revenue by year, and other valuable AI forecasting reports such as estimated revenue remaining in the year, and pricing dynamics. 

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Real estate and Short-term rental analytics, built by homeowners for homeowners

Real time data to better understand the market in your area

Data-driven pricing dynamics that fluctuate with seasonality, market rates, and special events

Investor analytics that compare available Real Estate with Short-term rental profitability

Efficient tracking of your vacation rental performance utilizing artificial intelligence

Real Estate Investment Analytics

Evaluating investment properties is time consuming. Investors need information such as rent estimates, property taxes, days in market, crime, school ratings and much more when creating an analysis quickly. This research is essential in finding a property's potential. 

Our investor analytics platform aggregates all of the important data that is needed to make intelligent decisions quickly and efficiently. Using API (Application Programming Interface), we are able to display which properties are available and match this data with home prices, localized scores, and essentially what potential the property can have.

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Investor dashboards include:
  • Available properties in your (MLS/IDX) area matched with predicted capitalization rates
  • Personalized and localized dashboard
  • Data to compare both Long-term rentals and Short-term rentals
  • Neighborhood scores based on Schools, Crime, Walk-ability and Short-term regulatory information

What is included in the Property Management Owner Dashboard?

Performance data updated in near real time

Whenever you sign on to track your progress, you will be seeing what is happening currently. You won't have to think twice if the data is out-dated.

Booking sources and Occupancy

Our dashboard includes what channels guests are frequenting to find your home and the sum of guests that have stayed by week, month, and year. In slower months, our pricing dynamics and occupancy benchmarks help keep your home booked without lowering rates way below market value. 

Your property data at your fingertips

Easily read and understand how your property is performing without searching through massive data tables. This dashboard presents your data neatly and organized so you can spend less time tracking progress. This dashboard includes data such as revenue, earnings, expenses, guest resolution, support tickets we have resolved, and more.

Intelligent pricing tools

Our property management services give you the freedom to live your life without the stress managing a rental. Cohost intelligent pricing tools work in the background to get you the most money your home deserves. The dashboard includes projection analysis charts to showcase what you have earned while predicting what your home's rates will be in the future.

​Homeowners who sign up with Cohost have access to our Property Management Analytics

Our dashboards make it easy and efficient for our customers to analyze the data that is important to them. With several bookings happening every month, tracking this data can be exhausting. Paired with our machine learning algorithms, our customers receive predictive analysis on the information they need most for the future. 

Cohost Analytics provides key metrics that is updated in near real time. In the header of Analytics you can find the current date's listed rate, property revenue comparison by year, change in revenue by month, total count of guests hosted, lifetime reservations, and estimated property market value.

Our pricing dynamics visually demonstrate average nightly list price and forecasts future nightly rates based on historical data, and open data. These data points automatically adjusts pricing and is dependent on data such as events, seasonality, holiday predictions, vacant days, and daily trends.

Track estimated property value over time with our home specific data points. Paired with our "Short-Term Rental vs Long-Term Rental" and "Estimated Property Equity" data. See the health of your asset investment and track metrics that matter to you. Perceived equity is visually represented to track the financial health of your property. These data points rely on homeowner provided information for a more accurate estimation. 

Track occupancy percentage along with revenue forecasts left in the current year. Quickly see capitalization rates based on current value and initial purchase value of your property.