• Alternative to Airbnb

    The Cohost marketplace serves as a great alternative to Airbnb. As an affiliate partner to Airbnb, we have taken the greatest parts of Airbnb, and added quality controls to help our hosts and guest have a much better traveling experience
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A service with homeowners in mind

Our support Center of Excellence focuses on quality communication with your guests to make sure they have the best travel experience. We market your property, communicate and coordinate with your guests, and also coordinate any maintenance requests as needed. 

No-term committments

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No limit on personal stays

It's your property. You can use it however you want to. With our owner dashboard, you can block off any dates for personal use. 

Lower commission rates

Cohost charges 8% on gross profit compared to Evolve's 10% on gross revenue. Below we dive in to the differences between the two.

Happy guests

Our guests are happy from check-in to check-out. No more drop off of new bookings from bad reviews and experiences.

Commission Comparison

The Cohost marketing package has a commission of 8% of gross profit.

Evolve charges a commission of 10% of gross revenue.
What is the difference?

For a $1000 booking.

With Cohost's 8% commission on gross profit, our commission is roughly $125. This is because Cohost only charges commission on the profitability of your home. We do not charge commission on top of cleaning fees, taxes, or channel marketing fees.

For a $1000 booking.

With Evolve's 10% commission on gross revenue, their commission is roughly $200. This is because when charging a commission on gross revenue, that commission percentage is based on not just the profit but the total including the cleaning fees, taxes, and channel marketing fees.

Easy Migration to Cohost

Profile Migration

We move your property content over seamlessly for you. This includes pictures, descriptions, and getting your property integrated with all the big listing channels without you lifting a finger.

ICS Integration

We work around your existing bookings with your previous provider Evolve, via an ICS integration. No canceled bookings, and no interruptions.

Added Security

Cohost partners with RemoteLock, NoiseAware, and our Internal Screening providers to better secure your home going forward.

Onboarding Insights

Our projects software gives you a window into our detailed real-time onboarding process. This gets your property to go-live quickly and efficiently. You can track the time it takes to go from start to finish.

Import Reviews

You won't lose all those great things guests have said about your property. We import your existing reviews via JSON architecture into the Cohost booking platform. 

Digital Guidebook

These guidebooks include information about accessing your property, check-in and check-out procedures, local recommendations, concierge services and a personalized video walk-through.

Cohost Analytics and Dynamic Pricing

Intelligent Occupancy and Pricing

Cohost Analytics gives you access to your personalized owner dashboard so you can track on-going performance. Our analytics platform uses API integrations and AI to evaluate vendors such as Airbnb, VRBO, Google Hotels, and more to let us know exactly your local market competitors nightly rates. 

"Ever since I've switched to Cohost, my home has made 138% more."

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