Business Intelligence Reporting

Analytical Insights into your Organization

Remote Service Administration (RSA) package clients have the option to receive standard reports on a monthly basis which summarize company ticket trends and performance. Our reporting service can be very powerful to help optimize your system configurations and business processes to gain and maximize efficiencies. Never wonder if you’re getting value out of services. Analyze and share these reports with your C-suite to validate budgets and/or gain new resources to optimize your systems to their maximum potential.

  • Dashboard and custom drill-down reports
  • D & I (Pre-build EEO and AAP Compliance Reports)
  • Key Performance Metrics (Extensive SmartOrg and User compliance and reporting metrics)
  • Consulting (Advising your organization with reporting, scheduled agents and training)

Data == Understanding

We help companies easily access and analyze workforce data to make more informed decisions. We offer a variety of report writing packages which can include report optimization, re-creation, knowledge transfer, ad hoc Q&A support and testing. English and French-speaking services are available.

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About ERP Services

Business suite software can be complex, massive, and requires subject matter experts to configure or implement correctly. These systems once implemented or configured will have your organization running smooth and more efficiently.

Cohost will gather any requirements you have and can consult on system limitations, proper and industry standard procedures, and more. 

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