Hourly Consulting

For organizations that are not confident in the entire scope of work or length of project. Hourly rates depend on needed talent resources.

Fixed Cost

For organizations that understand the length of project. Fixed cost includes three tiered fixed price implementations, starting at $60k for a custom installation. 

Cloud Project Methodology

  • Real-time Issue and Bug Tracking

  • Focus on Knowledge Transfer

  • Day to Day project insights

  • Communication through social channels

  • End-User Participation

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We ensure success through iterative build & validations called Conference Room Pilots. We will gather information from each component and write test scripts (using UPK) aimed at validating the application system against the customer’s business requirements. Requirements including integrations and conversion are prioritized across each of the CRPs. 

Typical priority goes to the OLF structure, new hire, and job-template feed. Your organization will have full insights to the application at all times. Cohost always provisions testing accounts for hiring managers, recruiters, and super-users, allowing your team to test at any given moment.

About ERP Services

Business suite software can be complex, massive, and requires subject matter experts to configure or implement correctly. These systems once implemented or configured will have your organization running smooth and more efficiently.

Cohost will gather any requirements you have and can consult on system limitations, proper and industry standard procedures, and more. 

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