Onboarding and Transitions

Our team has extensive experience in streamlining onboarding processes. Our goal for every organization is to automate and deliver an amazing experience for onboarding your candidates. Below are the process events we work with our clients
  • Pre-Hire Process
  • New Hire Process Flows
  • Custom requirements gathering documentation
  • Business Process Management Documentation
  • Advanced E-Offer automation 
  • Extensive I-9 Integration experience
  • Fast world-wide delivery
  • Safety & compliance ensured
  • Start-to-finish solutions
  • Reliable services
  • Sustainable
  • Trained Professionals
  • Insured delivery

Operational Excellence

About ERP Services

Business suite software can be complex, massive, and requires subject matter experts to configure or implement correctly. These systems once implemented or configured will have your organization running smooth and more efficiently.

Cohost will gather any requirements you have and can consult on system limitations, proper and industry standard procedures, and more. 

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